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GCA Envelope Drive

Sing like never before

We will sing our blessings to the Lord!

This year, our scholars have been doing a deep dive into blessings! They are learning what a blessing is, what it means to be blessed, how to appreciate the abundant blessings they receive each day, and how to be a blessing to each other, to their families, and in their community. And because they attend Grace Christian Academy, they are able to sing their blessings to God every day! 

Every gift is life-changing

Roughly 45% of our scholars receive need-based tuition assistance. Without the help of generous supporters, we would be unable to help those familes receive all the blessings of a Christian education. 

GCA is located within Fairfax, a county whose public schools show significant achievement gaps linked to both economic and racial disparities. The Source magazine, published by the Advanced ED Improvement Network, describes the below average achievement of minority and disadvantaged students as “one of the most concerning problems in education.” 

Thanks to your generosity, paired with an individual learning program that meets the educational needs of each student, students who might have fallen into the achievement gap in the public-school setting are finding success not only while they attend GCA, but as they move on to high school and college. 

Praise the Lord oh my soul (a video thank you!)