Alumni Spotlight- September 2019

Alumni Spotlight!


Joey Keller                          

YEARS ATTENDED: Kindergarten through 5th grade.

SCHOOLS ATTENDED AFTER GCA: Commonwealth Academy in Alexandria, VA, Martin Luther College in New Ulm, Minnesota

CURRENT OCCUPATION: 5th grade teacher at Grace Lutheran in Grenada, West Indies. In the Caribbean!

DESCRIBE A TYPICAL DAY AT WORK: It’s hard to describe a typical day teaching as I find the days to vary depending on the lessons I am teaching. The schedule might stay the same but the material that comes out of the lessons is different each day which is exciting for me and my students and keeps both of us on our toes and engaged throughout the day.
MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU LEARNED WHILE ATTENDING GCA:  God is here to help us. God provides special people in our lives to encourage us. My Grace Family includes a lot of people who have encouraged, loved, and supported me throughout my years.

WHAT EXTRACURRICULAR PROGRAMS WERE YOU INVOLVED WITH AT GCA AND BEYOND?: Basketball. I wasn’t very good. I’m still not good at Basketball, haha. In 6-8th grade I was a part of Student Government Association (SGA) at Commonwealth Academy eventually rising to the position of SGA president in 8th and 12th grades.

BEST GCA MEMORY: I have so many memories. This one made me laugh. I was talking out of turn in 5th grade. I received several warnings. I was trying to get my calculator to say, “hello”, as it was an older analog version. Miss Miller, the 5th grade teacher at the time, called me to her desk. She took the calculator and was fiddling with it while asking me how I could have made better choices. Once our conversation was over, she handed me back the calculator upside down, it said hello. She smiled, I smiled. I learned my lesson. Another example: I was talking out of turn again, anyone noticing a theme here (?), and Miss Schmidt (Now Mrs. Ellermann) came over to my desk and asked me: “Do I look like I”m smiling?” I turned my head upside down and said, “Now you do!” She laughed and I got away with it that time.

IF YOU COULD DESCRIBE GCA IN THREE WORDS, WHAT WOULD THEY BE AND WHY?: Family: I always felt welcome, loved and cared for. Christ: Everything I remember from GLS had Christ at the center. All of our actions were directed towards Christ and his love for us. Awesome: Lots of good field trip memories and great learning experiences.

WHAT IS SOMETHING PEOPLE DON'T KNOW ABOUT YOU?: I was born in Russia and my Russian name is Ivanivich.

HOBBIES/OTHER INTERESTS: I love flying. If I’m not teaching you’ll most likely find me on a plane flying in the complete opposite direction of where I actually need to land. I also run a car detailing business on the side called Keller Auto Spa. I enjoy cleaning cars and love seeing the transformation from start to finish!

WHAT ADVICE DO YOU HAVE FOR CURRENT GCA SCHOLARS?: Go to church with your friends and family. Find a group of friends you can worship your Savior with. Don’t forget that God is always with you. He will never leave you.